ReportsStats Q4 2017

“Competing without software is like competing without electricity.”
– Naval Ravikant

1. Drivers of Creative Destruction

“The great lesson in microeconomics is to discriminate between
when technology is going to help you and when it’s going to kill you.”
– Charlie Munger


Mobile First

“The smartphone is the sun and everything else orbits it.”
– Ben Evans

7.6b total world population. Of them:
5.6b adults, people over age 15 (74%)
8.2b total mobile connections, SIM cards (108%)
5.1b unique mobile phone users (67%)
3.0b smartphone users, installed base (40%)
6.4b w/ electric power (84%)
5.5b TV users (72%)
4.5b w/ access to working toilets (59%)
3.0b iOS+Android computers (40%)
1.5b PCs (20%)
1.2b laptop PCs (16%)
1.1b tablets (14%)
1/3 of preschoolers (Australia) own smartphones/tablets
2/3 of primary school-aged children (Australia) own smartphones/tablets
13% of adults (USA) declares owning a smartwatch
1.1b car owners (14%)


The New U.N. (by pop or MAU)

“No nation imagines itself coterminous with mankind.”
– Benedict Anderson

2.1b Facebook (27%)
1.5b YouTube (20%)
1.4b China (19%)
1.4b India (18%)
1.3b Messenger (17%)
1.3b WhatsApp (17%)
980m WeChat (13%)
840m QQ (11%)
800m Instagram (11%)
570m Qzone (7.5%)
380m Sina Weibo (5.0%)
330m Twitter (4.3%)
330m USA (4.3%)
300m Skype (4.0%)
270m Indonesia (3.5%)
260m Viber (3.4%)
240m Vimeo (3.2%)
210m Brazil (2.8%)
200m Pinterest (2.6%)
200m Pakistan (2.6%)


The Internet

“On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.”
– Peter Steiner

3.8b internet users (50% of world pop)
3.5b *mobile* internet users (92% of internet users)
740m in China ≈ pop of Europe
.cn is world’s #1 national domain name (2b+ live domains)
vs 460m in India, 290m in USA
3.7b email users (97%)
3.0b active social media users (79%)
23% of 8-11s and 74% of 12-15s (UK) have a social media profile
monthly unique visitors (USA)
240m, 200m, 190m
Wordpress powers 30% of the *entire* internet
<$1 per Mbps in 2014 vs $1k+ in 1998
13 Mbps average d/l speed for 4G LTE
vs 8 Mbps for WiFi, 6 Mbps for fixed broadband
vs USA: 55 Mbps fixed broadband avg d/l speed
Dark Web: internet traffic by bot > human (49%)
$0.5m/day transacted via online anonymous marketplaces
75% used for recreational drugs
900k Twitter accounts linked to terrorism removed


Cloud Computing

“This (Dropbox) is the fastest-growing SaaS company we have ever worked with.”
-Bryan Schreier

2.3b people use personal cloud storage (30% of world pop)
60% of the internet population
97% of USA internet users have used online storage
if byte of data = 1 grain of rice, then:
kB ≈ 1 cup of rice, MB ≈ 8 bags of rice, GB ≈ 3 container lorries of rice
$0.028 per GB, current cost of digital storage
vs $0.1 in 2009, vs $569 in 1990
world’s highest-capacity microSD card: SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I
400GB at $250, stores ~40hrs of full HD video
people/businesses continue relentless “march to the cloud”
36% of global IT infrastructure spent = private+public clouds (2016)
vs 63% for traditional data centers (2016)
Dropbox (pure-player): fastest SaaS company to $1b/yr recurring revenues (8.3 yrs)
650m registered users, 250k enterprise customers, soon to IPO
Google Drive: 800m registered users, 1m enterprise customers
Box (pure-player): 56m registered users, 80k enterprise customers, $2.9b mkt cap


The Blockchain

“What if this technology could do for the transfer of value, what the internet did for the transfer of information?”
– Abigail Johnson

$710b network value of all 1.4k altcoins/tokens
40 crypto-assets >$1b in value
$3b/yr cumulative bitcoin mining revenues (2017)
1 BTC = 10 gold oz, bitcoin overtook gold in Apr-2017
BTC trading volume > GLD (biggest gold ETF)
CME (world’s largest futures exchange) certified by CFTC to trade bitcoin futures
Coinbase has 10m users, 40m wallets, available in 32 countries
became the #1 free app in the App Store on Dec-7
232 peer-reviewed academic papers (2017)
cost for an attacker to take over 51% of mining network:
$5b in hardware, $9m/day in energy consumption
adoption status, quasi “mainstream”:
Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) starts using blockchain to clear/settle trades
Vanguard using blockchain technology to improve index data distribution
Microsoft allows BTC as a form of payment in their online store
Craigslist provides “cryptocurrency ok” option for its users
regulation status, time to get real:
USA: offers/sales of digital assets by “virtual” orgs are subject to securities law
USA: ok to keep shareholder’s list (legally mandatory) on a blockchain


Cameras, Drones, Robots

“Drones will be as ubiquitous as sprinklers.”
– Chris Anderson

iPhones+Android phones sold > Japanese cameras ever
1.3b iPhones sold (since launched)
27m GoPro cameras sold (since launched)
$499 cheapest HD-video drone
10yrs ago drones were $m+ military tech, cloaked in secrecy
2m hobbyist drone fleet (USA)
626k registered owner-hobbyists, 6k/week avg registration
42k commercial drone fleet (USA), 72k certified pilots
95k registered drones, 1k/week avg registration
cost of deep ocean deployments = 10x space deployments
<5% of Earth’s seafloor mapped
Saildrone: redefining ocean data w/ unmanned sailing drones
Boston Dynamic’s bipedal robot “Atlas” does backflip – Watch
120k warehouse robots “employed” by Amazon
vs 125k warehouse employees
1m/yr people killed over car accidents
California DMV: “safe to deploy autonomous vehicles on public roads”
42 carmakers issued testing permits (285 vehicles)
USA House bill allows automakers to deploy 25k self-driving vehicles
grows to 100k annually over 3yrs


Machine Learning

“The highest forms of understanding we can achieve
are laughter and human compassion.”
– Richard Feynman

Microsoft achieves human-parity in speech recognition error rate
5.9%, matching a professional transcriptionist
5.0%, matching a group of people working together
Google words recognition surpasses human threshold
90% accuracy ≈ 10m words
4.9% speech recognition error rate
500m users using virtual assistants
20% of Google’s mobile queries are voice-triggered
10% of Google Inbox’s replies powered by Smart Reply
iTranslate allows face-to-face bilingual conversations (38 lang)
FBI’s facial recognition database includes 50% of USA adult pop
China has more PhD’s on AI than USA
AlphaZero becomes best Chess and Go player
starts from blank slate, no historical data, except game rules
within 24hrs convincingly defeats world-champion programs in each case
ML algorithms outperform doctors in predicting heart attacks
“ChestX-ray8” has 100k+ chest X-Rays annotated images to train data
“Heliograf” publishes 850 articles (AI-reporter from The Washington Post)


Solar Energy

“You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.”
– Bob Dylan

0.08$/kWh solar energy cost, -70% since 2010
Solar & Wind projects (yrs to deliver) faster than all other power plants
<$300/kWh Li-ion battery costs (down from $1k in 2010)
1.2b people around the world w/o power, untapped market!
it’s got to be in the interest of capitalism to deliver
new capacity global: renewable > net fossil fuel (since 2011)
165GW renewable (2017) vs 28GW net fossil fuel
fastest-growing occupations (USA): solar installers, wind turbine techs
USA solar: #1 source of new power capacity additions, first time ever!
39% across all fuel types in 2016
40GW solar (installed capacity) vs 82GW wind, surpassed hydro in Dec-2016
10% global Li-ion battery production
China solar: growth far outstripping other sources
35GW solar installations (1H 2017)
vs 19GW thermal, 7GW wind, 7GW hydro, 1GW nuclear
55% global Li-ion battery production
all Tesla Superchargers being converted to solar/battery power
almost all will disconnect from the electricity grid
50% of Microsoft’s data centers powered by renewables, 100% of Google’s


Electric Vehicles – Special report

“In 1908, Henry Ford (45) releases Model T.
In 2017, Elon Musk (46) releases Model 3.”

2m+ EVs currently on the road
750k EVs registered in 2016
340k (added by China), vs 160k (USA)
1 in 4 cars sold in Norway (2016) = electric
300k+ Nissan Leaf sold: best-selling highway-capable EV
UK obligates motorway service/gas stations to add charging points
China surpasses USA as the country with largest EV fleet…
650k vs 560k
…and has 9x more charging stations
150k vs 20k
“ban all gas/petrol cars” club
Netherlands (2025), India (2030), Germany (2030), UK (2040), France (2040), China (2040)
5 of the Top 10 economies: #2 China, #4 Germany, #5 UK, #6 France, #7 India
EV-only lineup
Volvo (2019), Mercedes-Benz (2022), Volkswagen (2030)
almost EV-only lineup
Ford (2022), GM (2023), BMW (2025)
car dealers, brace for a lot of pain
50% of car maintenance = things directly attributable to the internal combustion engine
$200 Chevy Bolt (annual maintenance cost) vs $600 VW Golf


Creative Capital

“An S&P 500 company is being replaced every two weeks.”
– Richard Foster

23m total businesses in USA
5k publicly listed companies (NASDAQ+NYSE)
top 5 by mkt cap: hq=USA, exchange=NASDAQ, comp adv=tech
#6 Tencent: hq=China, exchange=SEHK, comp adv=tech
52% of Fortune 500 companies in 2000, now extinct
1k/yr new VC-backed companies started
$72b invested by USA VCs (2017), 5k+ startups/companies funded
460 startups raised $190m via AngelList (2016)
$2.3b invested by VCs (seed stage, USA, 2017)
vs $2.1b via Initial Coin Offering “ICO”
code/product is now priced in real time
$260m raised by Filecoin, largest ICO to date
$30b in loans issued by LendingClub, 2.6m borrowers
2k/day loans reviewed
$5b raised by social fundraising platform GoFundMe, 50m donors
$4b pledged to Kickstarter projects globally, 138k funded projects
$150m paid to 50k artists using Patreon

2. Winners Take All

“You call it monopoly, I call it enterprise.”
– John D. Rockefeller


Apple (mkt cap $871b)

“Just the way he advertised: Jesus, Gandhi, Me!”
– Bill Burr Watch

$270b cash on balance sheet > Finland’s GDP
1b+ active devices across: iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod, AppleTV, Watch
$12b spent in R&D in FY2017
iPhone: most successful product of all time
1.3b+ cumulative iPhones sold since launch (Q2 2007)
vs 400m Sony Walkman, 130m Nokia 3310  Back in stock
$640 avg selling price, vs $200+ for rest of industry
#1 by installed base in China: 175m vs 132m (Huawei)
50% mkt sh in Beijing
most popular camera on Flickr
54% Apple, 23% Canon, 18% Nikon
$3b/yr pays Google to remain the default search engine on iOS devices
Apple Watch alone would be a Fortune 500 company
biggest watchmaker in the world, overtook Rolex
15m/yr Apple Watch vs 1m/yr Rolex
iPad = 89% of tablets >$200 in USA
two tablet markets: iPads and generic cheap black plastic
$29b/yr from iOS App Store downloads
500m people walk through Apple’s 400+ retail stores
Apple Pay available in 15 countries accepted at 20m locations


Alphabet (mkt cap $730b)

“Google searches are the most important dataset
ever collected on the human psyche.”
– Seth Stephens-Davidowitz   In stock

7 products with 1b+ MAU each
Search, Android, Maps, Chrome, YouTube, Google Play, Gmail
88% mkt sh in search advertising
Android overtakes Windows as the *internet* most used OS
40% mkt sh, 2b active Android devices
2b Chrome installs in active use
#1 browser across all devices (51% mkt sh)
vs Safari (#2, ~15%)
96b apps downloaded from Google Play (2017)
~13x apps for every person
800m/mo Google Drive users
500m/mo users who backup 1.2b/day photos/videos
Waymo: 1.5x (orders of magnitude) ahead of the rest
Waymo’s fleet > 4m self-driving miles on public roads
vs Uber’s 1m miles
$12b+ spent in R&D in 2016
Google Assistant: available on 100m devices
Google Home: 26% mkt sh in USA
Pixel Buds handle real-time translation via Google Translate
100% renewable energy for global operations


Microsoft (mkt cap $659b)

“Here comes the sun (doo doo doo doo).”
– George Harrison

91% mkt sh in desktop operating system
1b/day Windows devices (installed base)
500m/mo Windows v10 active devices
1.2b/day Office users, largest productivity service available
100m/mo paid active users (commercial licenses)
90m devices using Office (iOS + Android)
30m Office 365 subscribers (cloud version)
subscriptions to cloud version of Office sell more than licenses
Office 365 = 2x G-Suite penetration in businesses
500m LinkedIn profiles, 400m Outlook users, 300m Skype users
140m/mo Cortana users
Power Point Presentation Translator: real-time captions, 60 languages
130k orgs using Teams in 25 languages, vs 50k Slack paying groups
Skype Translator: 10 real-time languages
$13b spent in R&D in FY2017
11% mkt sh in cloud computing infra w/ Azure
100m Minecraft copies sold
50m/mo Xbox Live users


Amazon (mkt cap $563b)

“If Amazon is in your line of business: Sell now.
If Amazon is not in your line of business: Sell now; your business sucks.”
– @GSElevator  Follow

52% of online shoppers go directly to
45% all online retail (USA), 5% all retail (USA)
most essential app for 18-34s
44% of USA pop within 20mi of an Amazon fulfillment node
pre WholeFoods acquisition
vs 90% within 10mi of a Walmart
>75m Amazon Prime members vs 85m Costco
$1.3k/yr spent by avg Amazon Prime member
96% annual renewal rate
Prime Day sales > Amazon’s Cyber Monday / Black Friday
$1b in 30hrs vs $6.6b USA Cyber Monday
AWS: fastest-growing enterprise tech company
39% global cloud infra/services
#1 company by R&D spending (USA): $16b
1,387x what it spent in lobbying
65% of all US ebook sales happen through Amazon’s Kindle store
71% mkt sh in voice-powered speaker (USA)
15m Echo units shipped
second-largest private employer in USA
0.5m vs 2.3m by Walmart


Facebook (mkt cap $512b)

“If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on.”
– Sheryl Sandberg

77% mobile social traffic
1b+ use Facebook, Groups, Messenger, WhatsApp each month
70m biz profiles, 5m/mo active advertisers
Facebook: 2.1b MAU, 1.4b DAU
207m (10%) duplicate accounts, 60m (2%) fake accounts
Messenger: 1.3b MAU with 500 FTE
400m/day call/video chat, 20m businesses, 18k bots
goal: never dial a 1-800 number again
WhatsApp: 1.3b MAU with 250 FTE
1b DAU, 55b/day messages
begins verifying biz accounts (displaying green checkmark on profiles)
Instagram: 800m MAU with 500 FTE
15m biz-specific profiles, 2m/mo active advertisers
$1m worth of “influence” for a single Beyoncé Instagram (1 photo+caption)
black market verifications sell from $1k-7k
blue checkmark = seal of legitimacy
$5b R&D run rate
4.5b translations/day occur on the backend


Tesla (mkt cap $52b)

“Musk has made every Tesla customer a venture capitalist.”
– Steve LeVine

94k cars (2017 run rate), vs 84k in 2016
Freemont plant running at 1/3 the speed of a BMW or Toyota plant
Model S starts at ~$70k
Model S P100D with “Ludicrous+ update” goes 0-60mph in 2.389s
faster than any Ferrari or Lamborghini
holds long distance world record: 1,078km in one charge (29hrs)
Model X starts at ~$80k
NHTSA awarded a 5-star safety rating, 1st for any SUV
Model 3 starts at ~$35k
0-60mph in 5.6s, 130mph top speed, 220mi range
500k+ reservations at $1k deposit
Roadster 2G, to be quickest production car ever
reservations starts at $50k, production starts in 2020
first 1k ‘Founder Series’ reservations require full price of $250k upfront  Place reservation
Tesla Semi truck, to roll out in 2019, starting at $150k
DHL and Walmart pre order units after Nov-2017 unveil
reservations required $5k deposits
1k Supercharger stations w/ 7k superchargers
100MW battery set, world’s largest, deployed in Australia
$1.4b R&D run rate

3. Disrupting the incumbents

“The battle between every startup and incumbent comes down to whether the startup gets distribution
before the incumbent gets innovation.”
– Alex Rampell



“So, I asked him: What did you search? And he goes: Jewish and my zip code!”
– Aziz Ansari  Watch

online dating is the 2nd most common way for heterosexual couples to meet
53% of singles have created a dating profile (USA)
40% of singles have dated someone they met online
1 in 3 new relations begin online
1 in 5 new marriages are a result of an online dating site
dating apps make up 1/3 of the top 15 apps by iOS revenue
Match Group owns top 4 brands: OkCupid, Tinder,, Plenty of Fish
6m paid members in total
PofF: 150m registered users, 4m active
Tinder: 10m active users, 2m paid members
hit #1 in the App Store’s top grossing category
Bumble: 23m active users
in acquisition talks with Match Group for $b valuation
10m members on Seeking Arrangement (Sugar Daddy dating site)
porn is the biggest development in sexuality research ever
Pornhub: 10m registered users, 75m/day visits to
92b/yr video views
~every adult in the world viewing 1.4/mo porn videos


Taxi-bike Ride

“The height of civilization isn’t the poor owning cars but the rich sharing bikes.”
– Horace Dediu

ride-hailing services overtook rental cars
more people using Uber in NYC than yellow cabs
price of NYC taxi medallion: from $1.3m in 2013 (record price)
to $300k average in Aug 2017
13k taxi cabs vs 26k Uber drivers
Uber: 570 cities (80 countries), 40m MAU
74% mkt sh in USA
Lyft: 489 cities in 45 USA states, plus Toronto, Canada, 5m MAU
23% mkt sh in USA
500m+ Lyft rides since launch
Didi: 400 Chinese cities, Uber surrenders
400m MAU, imminent launch in Mexico
10m/yr bikes shared in China, vs 1m cars shared by Uber in 8yrs
Shanghai has 1.5m sharing bikes on its streets (1 bike : 16 resident)
30 bike-sharing apps launched in China
Dockless bike-sharing apps Ofo and Mobike claim 100m users in China
with 95% combined mkt sh, merger talks initiated
LimeBike (USA) operates in 23 cities
rides cost $1 per 30min


Assistants – Special Report

“Alexa, what’s the impact of the shift to voice search over the internet?”

people speak ~150 words/min, vs type ~40 words/min (on a keyboard)
voice speech recognition tech = open source = no longer comp adv
84% of 14-17s using the voice assistant in their smartphones
12% of USA broadband households own a voice-activated speaker
4m units shipped in 2017 Q2, up 600%
71% mkt sh by Amazon’s Echo
15m units sold, 15k “skills”
Amazon and Microsoft integrate their voice assistant platforms
users can open Cortana using Alexa, vice versa
26% mkt sh by Alphabet’s Google Home
5m units sold, thousands of “actions”
partners with Walmart and Target for voice ordering
Garmin: launches car navigation Speak, powered by Alexa
Apple: HomePod available early 2018, powered by Siri
Facebook: working to release “Aloha” to market
Ikea: lightbulbs that integrate with Alexa
Sonos: announces smart speaker S13, supports multi-voice platforms
Bose: announces QC35 II headphones, powered by Google Assistant
Alibaba: announces Tmall Genie X1, powered by AliGenie
Samsung: developing a speaker, powered by Bixby



“For those of us climbing to the top of the food chain, there can be no mercy.
There is but one rule: hunt or be hunted.”
– Francis Underwood

90m USA households pay for TV (cable/satellite/internet)
100m paid Netflix subscribers globally
50m+ in USA > all cable companies combined
90m ESPN subscribers, crown jewel of cable TV
original programming budget for 2018
$8b Netflix, $5b Amazon, $3b Hulu, $2b HBO, $1b Apple, $1b Facebook
Netflix: #1 non-game app by revenue (App Store + Google Play)
on pace to surpass HBO as most Emmy-winning network
54% of USA adults have Netflix > adults with DVR
Disney: ends licensing deal with Netflix, launches streaming service
Sports (ESPN Plus) + Family (Disney/Pixar)
Hulu (controlled by Disney): 12m subscribers (May-2016)
1st streaming service to win an Emmy for best drama
Amazon: movie library is 2x Hulu, 4x Netflix
Amazon Studios wins 3 Oscars (1st streaming studio)
Apple: partners with Steven Spielberg, closes J. Aniston and R. Witherspoon
Time Warner: 2m HBO Now subscribers, 2m downloads for PeopleTV app
YouTube TV: live in 83 USA cities, 1m app downloads
Snapchat: NBC’s “Stay Tuned” reaches 29m unique views
ESPN launches “SportsCenter” on Snapchat



“We don’t ask you for free iPhones.
Please don’t ask us to provide you with our music for no compensation.”
– Taylor Swift

streaming is now industry’s biggest source of revenue, >50%
music is now a growing industry, after 15 yrs of decline
songs streamed in USA (2016) > all digital downloads to date
112m global paid subscription accounts
Spotify revenue > 20% of global music industry
70m paid subscribers, 140m total active
vs 30m paid Apple Music subscribers
Taylor Swift (highest paid musician global) released all albums in Jun-2017
exchanged <10% equity stake w/ Tencent Music Entertainment
TME has more than 15m paying subscribers
YouTube Red + Google Play Music: to merge and simplify their consumer offerings
partnered w/ Ticketmaster to sell concert tickets
90 YouTube videos have passed 1b views
vs 6 Spotify songs have passed 1b streams
“Hello” by Adele, fastest video to hit 1b views on YouTube: 87 days
vs “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran, fastest song to hit 1b streams on Spotify: 153 days
“Despacito” by Luis Fonsi, released on Jan-2017
most viewed YouTube video: 4.7b views    watch
top eight Spotify song: 1.0b streams



“Cards-on-file is king.”

credit/debit cards payments > cash payments
Visa + Mastercard ≈ 75% credit card mkt sh
get paid ~3% fee per tx
China’s digital payments market, world’s largest
$9,000b vs $110b (USA)
600m WeChat Pay users, 450m Alipay, 100m Baidu Wallet
PayPal: 218m active accounts incl 17m merchant accounts
520m Braintree cards on file
$9b payments via Venmo (Q3 2017)
$3b in loans to 115k SMBs through PayPal Working Capital
partners with Baidu: users of Baidu Wallet can now make payments to PayPal
partners with Facebook: 2.5m users have linked PayPal to Messenger
Square: 90m customer profiles, 2m SMB using Square
$2b in credit to 140k firms through Square Capital
Stripe: credit cards, ACH debits and bitcoin payments across 25 countries
partners with WeChat Pay and Alipay
Apple Pay: accepted at 1/3 of USA retail outlets
Apple Pay Cash (P2P service) live, ask Siri and pay
Walmart Pay: 3rd most used wallet in USA
behind Samsung and Apple, but larger than Android pay


(Ads) Fraud

“If you’re a startup, even if you’re just two people in a garage,
one of you must be in charge of security.”
– Heather Adkins

$200b internet ad spending > TV ad spending
web advertising is a duopoly
$35b+ Google > print ad industry
$14b+ Facebook > radio ad industry
60% of messages sent to Gmail accounts are spam
3% of Facebook accounts are fake
700 ad networks w/ 100k+ clicks analyzed = 15% avg fraud
only 23 networks = fraud-free
8 networks = 100% fraudulent, 35 networks = 50% fraudulent
480 of the top 50k websites track visitors’ keystrokes
The Pirate Bay (top 100) used visitors’ computers to mine cryptocurrencies
fake WhatsApp on Google Play Store downloaded by 1m+ users
1.9 billion stolen passwords and usernames available on the black market
FBI: 1 in 4 victims respond by wiring money to fraudsters (USA)
two types companies: been hacked, don’t know they’ve been hacked
$22b in fraud losses incurred by banks and merchants (2015)
on all credit/debit/pre-paid/general payment cards issued globally
$9b just in USA (40%)
Global ad blocking users: 380m mobile, 230m desktop
100m active devices use Adblock Plus



“😂 word of the year 2015”
– Oxford Dictionaries

50% of USA household no longer have landlines
50m people connected to internet delivered by Facebook
Text messaging is the most used data service in the world
first SMS message went out in 3-Dec-1992
23b/day global SMS messages
“Face with Tears of Joy” emoji = most popular emoji among English speakers
1b daily active users on Facebook’s WhatsApp
55b/day messages
38b/day messages on WeChat, vs 6b+ voice messages
400m monthly active users on Apple’s iMessage
~3t photos taken on film ever, 1t by iPhone users (2016)
most pictured: #1 scenery, #2 information I need to remember
Slack: 9m weekly active users
50k paying companies, 43 from the Fortune 100
partners with Oracle for enterprise bundle
190m on Q&A platform Quora
60m on Apple News
50m Americans listen to podcasts each week, 55% mkt sh by Apple
180m listeners on SoundCloud



“World’s largest company by sales (Walmart) is now the perceived underdog.”
– The Economist

$750b online sales (China)
74% mobile, 15% of retail sales
$445b online retail sales (USA)
46% mobile, 11% of retail sales
largest shopping events (by sales, USA, 2017):
$6.6b Cyber Monday
biggest shopping day in history of USA ecommerce
$5.0b Black Friday
$108b holiday season (Nov+Dec)
USA holiday debit+credit card sales: Amazon > Walmart (first time)
$25b Alibaba’s singles day
hits $1b in 2min, $10b in 1hr 6min
90% mobile, 812m orders made
1b+ credit cards on file
520m cards on Braintree (owned by PayPal)
800m iTunes accounts, 300m Amazon accounts
Canadian platform Shopify hits 500k merchants
stock up 300% since IPO (May-2015)
6yrs to hit first $b in GMV, latest $b in 4 days


Games / eSports

“Everyone else is trash.”
– Peng Yiliang (aka Doublelift)

120b global gaming revenues (2017)
#1 category in App Store and Google Play: games
75% and 90% of all revenue on App Store and Google Play, respectively
67m Switch consoles sold by Nintendo
vs 100m Wii sold, best-selling console (launched in 2006)
70m PlayStation 4 consoles sold
Unity: #1 game engine, 2b unique mobile devices running “Made with Unity”
Steam: #1 PC game distribution platform, 33m DAU players
Discord: #1 voice+text chat for gamers, 14m DAU
viewership metrics company Nielsen launches new division, Nielsen Esports
240m global esports viewership in 2017E (owned by Amazon): 2m/mo unique content creators, 15m DAU
League of Legends: world championship global viewership
43m unique online, 15m peak concurrent, 20k inside stadium
vs NFL: 17m stadium attendance (entire season), $13b revenues
vs Premier League: 14m stadium attendance (entire season), $5b revenues
1m/qtr VR headsets shipments in Q3 2017
2m Sony PlayStation VR headsets sold
NBA to broadcast every game in VR



“Facts don’t care about your feelings.”
– Ben Shapiro

Rockets: launched by SpaceX (YTD 2017) > any company/country
Meditation: 14m Headspace app downloads. Calm app of the year by Apple
Lost & found: 10m Tile trackers sold
Gym: 4m Fitness Blender subscribers
Neighborhoods: 137k neighborhoods on Nextdoor
Grammar: 7m/day checking grammar on Grammarly
Homework: 100m kids 12-18 asking questions on Brainly
Period: 10m women track their period with Flo app
Muslims: 10m/mo pray using Muslim Pro app
Pets: 140k vetted dog sitters on Rover
Locksmith: 1k KeyMe smart-kiosks across USA
Brokerage: 3m accts on $0 fee app Robinhood (vs 11m for Charles Schwab)
Policy: 180m users petitioning government’s on
Virtual world: Second Life has 800k MAUs