We read a lot of news, papers, reports, blogs, etc daily. We follow and talk to a lot of investors, and we meet several business people. If we think the underlying source is credible and we are authorized to reproduce it, we update the stats. We also do our own research and fact checking.

Hat tip
Many times the data sources are obvious. Making the point is not. So we acknowledge those “proxy” sources.

At the closing of every calendar quarter. Financial market data, as of last business day of the quarter (closing of market). We observe Pacific Time (UTC-7).

We round up a lot. The main goal is to give a simple/clear/digestible data point as to the magnitude/trayectory. Not the exact real-time data point. The raw data and tabulated calculations are available in the .xls version.

Unless specified for a country, data is global or most probably USA specific.

Unless specified for a time/date, data is of current year or latest publicly available.

Whenever possible we default to the International System of Units and its unit symbols and to the standards set by the International Organization for Standardization.
Why the SI?
On the .pdf version we list every abbreviation used.

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