“In the elder days of Art,
Builders wrought with greatest care
Each minute and unseen part;
For the Gods see everywhere.”

– Henry W. Longfellow (1846)

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The best companies are led by founders.
Founders who have insights about markets,
and differentiated ideas about the way to reach those markets.
Founders who need money to execute their own playbook.
“Entrepreneurs” looking for smart money, should be called employees.

Great founders are self-managed.
Put the company’s interest ahead of everyone/everything else.
Have a strong desire to win.
Are not thinking primarily about making a buck.
They are thinking about succeeding,
and becoming the dominant company in the marketplace they’ve chosen.

Good sense of humor is always a plus.
So are sultry good looks,
and a magnetic stage presence.

We invest money in companies.
Purely for financial return.
It’s also invigorating.

We relentlessly study business drivers.
Mapping their velocity of propagation into markets.
Check our quarterly stats.

First-time founders usually underestimate market forces.
And not all problems have a technological answer.
Focus where incumbents are not.
Execute your risk-killer strategy.
And build a monopoly.
Passion is for volunteers.

We invest straight from the balance sheet.
No fund structure.
No mandate.
No dogma.
No LPs.
Good old-fashioned capital: patient and independent.

Our core network is in the Americas and Europe.
Especially in USA, Chile, and the UK.
Primarily with business families.
At a family office level.
When founders allow, we lead a syndicate and invite families who can really help build a great company.
Our main office is in San Francisco.

Pirque, Chile 
Initially a desertic piece of land earmarked for the livestock of Chilean aristocracy.
Until in 1834, entrepreneur Ramon Subercaseaux brought then-modern irrigation technologies.
Pirque became a fertile ground for private enterprise and produced its first billion dollar company $CONCHAYTORO.
Today, Pirque is home to the countryside houses of the liberal elite.
We are borrowing its geographic name and its entrepreneurial history, as a narrative to invest in startups.

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